Problem Solved: Neat and Tidy Landscapes

At Barrier Group we take problem solving seriously - when others might be wiping their hands of your problems, we are just rolling up our sleeves.

The Problem

Barrier Groups very own managing director, Rick Hall, was having some frustrations every time he would set out on his ride-on lawn mower to tidy up his yard.

Rick was constantly having to reclaim all the mulch lost by wind and birds before he even started mowing around these his tree bases.

He knew if he was having these issues, others surely would also.

While researching some steel tree rings Rick realised that most of the solutions in todays market didn't quite cover all his pre-requisites.

Ricks wish-list included: b2ap3_thumbnail_mulch-mess.jpg

  1. No additional trimming from hand held trimmers

  2. Easy to install and relocate

  3. Use with both new and established trees

  4. Stops rabbits from attacking tree roots

  5. Prevent the loss of mulch from birds

Barrier Groups industrial design team took on the challenge.

The Solution

b2ap3_thumbnail_mulch-mow-rings-2a.jpgPresented with the problem and Ricks wish list, Barrier Groups industrial design team created a solution that ticked all the boxes and then some. 

Mulch & Mow Rings major features include:

These galvanised steel tree rings are a unique design that guarantees your landscape will always be neat and tidy.

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Galvanised Steel Tree Rings are the perfect addition to any councils, institutions, universities, schools or parks and gardens that require a solution to guarding their tree bases against root and trunk damage.

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