Barrier Group removable bollard stops ram-raid

What might have happened:​ Thieves crash their stolen 4WD Hilux right through the bollard, penetrating the shop front and make off with a showroom full of dirt bikes.What actually happened:​ The Hilux couldn't get past the bollard and became impaled on it. The Hilux was stuck, so the thieves panicked and ran off, leaving the shop intact and the veh...
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NGV Melbourne uses our discreet Gallery Barriers in their current exhibition

We thank the NGV (@NGVMelbourne) for sending us these exquisite photos of their newest exhibition, that also features the use of our Gallery Barriers to keep the viewing public at a safe distance from the exhibits. As you can see from how subtle they are in the photos, the barriers are doing their best at being a discreet reminder to the public....
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Secure Your Trailer Boat with an Anti-theft Device to Reduce the Risk

It has come to our attention here at Barrier Group, that there have been recent boat and trailer thefts in our area. These crimes have always existed, but an increasing number of trailer boats have been reported stolen over the last few months.The most recent trailer theft was reported in the Herald Sun about an incident that occurred in Melbourne'...
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Storefront Crashes Are More Common Than You Think

Picture this: It's Sunday morning and you've ducked out to fill your car with petrol for the weekly commute to work and some milk for the kids cereal from your local petrol station and just as you're about to pay for your purchases, a car smashes through the convenience store plowing into you and sending you to the hospital.Or imagine enjoying brun...
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If You are a Gallery or Museum These Barriers Have Been Designed for You

Gallery is the latest addition to the Neata range. It is Australia's first dedicated pedestrian management system designed for galleries, museums and exhibition spaces.What inspired the creation of Neata Gallery ?​Current barriers on the market today, including our own, are designed to be noticed for the purpose of directing pedestrian foot traffic...
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At Barrier Group we take problem solving seriously...!

Our customers can come from a very wide range of markets including industrial, commercial, government, institutional and private. In fact, we like to think there is not a business in this country that would not have a use for at least one of our products.

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What Inspired the Neata Queue Management System - Interview with Rick Hall

At some time we have all waited patiently (or more likely impatiently) in line behind them in airports, cinemas, banks, theatres, nightclubs, public events and so on.

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7 Incredible Barrier Group Products That Have the Ability to Disappear...and then Reappear!

We have successfully mastered this magicians trick of empowering our products with disappearing capabilities.

This powerful semi-permanent function gives you the flexibility of denying or permitting entry to areas with changeable access requirements.

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Are You Sure Your Workplace is Safe for Everyone? It's safer to just ask. Isn't it?

"When it comes to safety let us never leave a team member behind for it is the responsibility of all that everyone goes home safe to their families."

Everyone in the workplace has an obligation to follow safety procedures.

A split-second decision to disregard the systems in place could not only put their life at risk, but those of their colleagues.

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Why are There so Many Steel Bollards to Choose From? How do I Choose the Right One?

Put simply, not all bollards are created equal.

When Barrier Group first opened for business way back in '99 our hero product was our very own unique Cam-Lok Removable Bollard, designed and developed by our managing director himself, Rick Hall. This security bollard exists to provide businesses with protection against attempted ram raid robberies from intentionally wayward vehicles.

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Barrier Group

Barrier Group is a progressive and innovative Australian company that designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of workplace safety products, car park solutions, crowd control barriers and forklift separation guardrails for private, institutional and occupational environments. We supply to all major Australian cities Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Hobart and Darwin and can ship to most overseas locations (conditions apply).

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