7 Incredible Barrier Group Products That Have the Ability to Disappear...and then Reappear!

We have successfully mastered this magicians trick of empowering our products with disappearing capabilities.

This powerful semi-permanent function gives you the flexibility of denying or permitting entry to areas with changeable access requirements.

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Are You Sure Your Workplace is Safe for Everyone? It's safer to just ask. Isn't it?

"When it comes to safety let us never leave a team member behind for it is the responsibility of all that everyone goes home safe to their families."

Everyone in the workplace has an obligation to follow safety procedures.

A split-second decision to disregard the systems in place could not only put their life at risk, but those of their colleagues.

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How Can Your Workplace Benefit From Products We've Used to Make our own Workplace Safer?

Barrier Group moved from Weddell Road to a new two and a half acre site in Separation Street, North Geelong 16 months ago.

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Why are There so Many Steel Bollards to Choose From? How do I Choose the Right One?

Put simply, not all bollards are created equal.

When Barrier Group first opened for business way back in '99 our hero product was our very own unique Cam-Lok Removable Bollard, designed and developed by our managing director himself, Rick Hall. This security bollard exists to provide businesses with protection against attempted ram raid robberies from intentionally wayward vehicles.

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8 Remarkable Reasons Speed Humps Impact POSITIVELY on our Lives

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Safety Third: Think Safety First

Today's 'Safety Third' demonstrates that people should always consider their own advice when they are promoting a safe work environment.

Gosh, this man has definitely put himself in a precarious position to possibly obtain some painful injuries.

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