Pilot Removable Spike Post PRSPVC Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the post available in stainless steel?

A: No.

Q: What can be mounted on the top of the post?

A: Pilot Light and Sign is acceptable. While the post can accept Pilot Belt Unit and 4-Way Receiver, we do not recommend the use due to the belt unit weight.

Q: Where can I install the spike post?

A: Suitable both outdoor/indoor and any suitable substrate, as long as it is firm enough to hold the post. Ideal for gravel, garden bed and soil (not recommended in sand).

Q: How long is the spike?

A: The galvanized spike is 200mm long.

Q: Do we just push them into the ground or are they to be knocked-in a little?

A: It depends on the density of the substrate. If it’s clay soil, it may require a little push hence the big washer at the base so the user can push in with their foot.

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