What we have Learned About Safety From our own Overseas Travel Experiences

How other countries perceive employee and workplace safety will shock you!

In the last six years I have been lucky enough to break-up the long, cold Victorian winters by chasing the warm sun and new experiences in some relaxing overseas holidays.

I have traveled to Bali, Indonesia (twice) and Koh Samui, Thailand in that time.

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Welcome Michelle Salajan to the Executive Management Team

G'day all, Rick here.

After discussions with Stuart, Paul and Michelle I am very happy to announce that we have offered Michelle a position, effective immediately, in the Executive Management Team which she has enthusiastically accepted.

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Problem Solved: Neat and Tidy Landscapes

At Barrier Group we take problem solving seriously - when others might be wiping their hands of your problems, we are just rolling up our sleeves.

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At Barrier Group we take problem solving seriously...!

Our customers can come from a very wide range of markets including industrial, commercial, government, institutional and private. In fact, we like to think there is not a business in this country that would not have a use for at least one of our products.

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One Product, Many Uses

Barrier Group revolutionises their range by offering products with multiple uses such as our Q-Fence and Menni products.

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What Inspired the Neata Queue Management System - Interview with Rick Hall

At some time we have all waited patiently (or more likely impatiently) in line behind them in airports, cinemas, banks, theatres, nightclubs, public events and so on.

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