Off-Street Parking for People with Disabilities

IF YOU ARE in the process of planning or upgrading an existing commercial or public carpark, you are required to consider the needs of people with disabilities as set out in AS2890.6:2009. In Australia, there is a requirement under the standard, for all shared areas adjacent to a dedicated parking space provided for the access and egress of people ...
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Bradman turns attack into defence

More used to standing guard against the likes of English fast bowlers Harold Larwood and Bill Voce, Sir Don Bradman has a new challenge on his hands: stopping vehicles and the modern threat of terrorism. A towering 2.5 metre bronze statue of the cricketing legend that sits on a 1.5 metre stone plinth has been relocated from parklands surrounding th...
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Secure Your Trailer Boat with an Anti-theft Device to Reduce the Risk

It has come to our attention here at Barrier Group, that there have been recent boat and trailer thefts in our area. These crimes have always existed, but an increasing number of trailer boats have been reported stolen over the last few months. The most recent trailer theft was reported in the Herald Sun about an incident that occurred in Melbourne...
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How to Improve Car Park Safety [infographic]

Barrier Group can help you control the movement of vehicles and ensure the safety of pedestrians in your car parks.

We provide a wide range of products and accessories for car parks in shopping centres, supermarkets, factories and institutions.

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8 Remarkable Reasons Speed Humps Impact POSITIVELY on our Lives

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