Powercor Australia is an Australian electricity distribution company that operates throughout western Victoria, and the western suburbs of Melbourne. The company owns and maintains power lines, substations and street lights and also manages the largest electricity distribution network in Victoria.

The Problem

Powercor needed a flexible and reliable product range to section off a safe working area inside a powered-up substation during maintenance works.

The Solution

After in-depth consultation with the good folks at Safetyquip in Preston and our external sales team, Powercor decided to implement the brand-new Pilot Belt Barrier system, in combination with one-metre yellow traffic cones, to provide highly visible barriers to the safe work areas.

The Challenges

At the time of the initial enquiry Barrier Group only stocked one-metre traffic cones in standard orange colour but as Powercor required a large quantity of the cones in yellow, we were able to produce them. We have since added BTC1000Y to our product range. We also increased production of Pilot components so that we would have enough stock to manufacture the large number of Pilot belt units required to fulfil Powercor’s order – yes, that's right – all Pilot Belt Units are assembled right here, on-site at Barrier Group in Geelong.

Pilot Belt Units were supplied with black/yellow and red/white belts as well as PILOT-MMB Pilot Magna-Mount Brackets and sign holders, which in conjunction with the one-metre cones, created a fully mobile and quickly deployed safe working area.

Powercor also wanted a way to be able to change direction mid-way along the length of the belt, thereby reducing the quantity of Pilot Belt Units required to cordon off an area. So, our design team modified the PILOT-BUC Pilot Belt Utility Clip, which is supplied with every Pilot Belt Unit, to enable it to attach to a Pilot 4-Way Receiver, Fixed or Magnetic Wall Receiver or another Pilot Belt Unit. It was such a great idea that we made the alteration permanent!

Client Response

The customer was delighted that we were able to make the alteration to the Pilot Belt Utility Clip and source the yellow one-metre traffic cones. The Pilot Retractable Belt system fulfilled all of Powercor's safety requirements.


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