What is Hot Dip Galvanising?

Most of Barrier Group's steel products are hot dipped galvanised to provide long term protection to any outdoor application in a commercial, industrial, residential or private setting.

Even our powder coated models go through this process prior to coating for extra durability to ensure the product remains rust-free if the paint is knocked, chipped or scratched.

Quite simply, hot dip galvanising protects our steel bollards, rail systems, guard rails and barriers to guarantee a maintenance-free quality for generations.

So what is hot dip galvanising (HDG)?

HDG is a coating of metallic zinc bonded over fabricated steel that slows down corrosion generally caused by long term exposure to harsh weather conditions.

The hot dip galvanised coating is made up of 98% zinc which is a harmless metal that exists naturally in our environment and is infinitely recyclable without the loss of any physical or chemical properties.

The galvanising process is relatively complex and is better explained here.

What does hot dip galvanising mean for you?

  • Reduced on-going maintenance costs
  • Consistent quality and appearance
  • Sustainable products that will last 30+ years
  • Non-corrosive in any weather condition
  • 100% recyclability at the end-of-life
  • Minimal environmental impact

Other industry suppliers are known to directly import such products like bollards and railings that are commonly powder coated over untreated, raw steel which leaves them susceptible to early rust and corrosion within as little as 12 months of installation (depending on the application).

By providing a superior quality upfront, Barrier Group saves you the painstaking effort, time and cost of early replacement or repair due to corrosion.

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