Factory and Warehouse Line Marking

Workplace health and safety compliant warehouse line marking and floor symbols are critical to an effective and safe warehouse environment. Together they work to protect employees and visitors to your business, and assets such as vehicles, machinery, and structures.

Line marking is integral when it comes to operating a safe traffic management plan throughout your factory or warehouse. Areas where forklifts and machinery are operating alongside guided pedestrian walkways, should be highlighted. Clearly marked warnings outlining hazardous areas, or less dangerous areas simply set aside for storage purposes, are all part of a successful workplace safety plan.

When considering the line marking plan for your warehouse, it is important to consider the following:

  • Plan ahead -- don't start marking lines without thinking through the layout of your warehouse and your operational requirements
  • Get feedback -- talk with your employees to understand how they move around the warehouse and get feedback on warehouse traffic flow
  • Prepare the warehouse -- to effectively apply line marking in your warehouse it's important to prepare the area. This means cleaning the floor, removing debris, and repairing any cracks or marks in the concrete. Learn about preparing your warehouse for line marking
  • Use quality inputs -- your warehouse will likely see a lot of traffic from employees, equipment like forklifts, and vehicles such as cars and trucks. Accordingly, it's important that your use quality paint to make the line marking last as long as possible
  • Use the correct colours -- different colours can help visually mark the areas of your factory of warehouse. For example, you may use red to alert people to areas of particular danger, yellow to show vehicle/equipment traffic zones or loading docks, and white to indicate parking bays

The overall aim of Line Marking is to provide clear instructions for employees and visitors by:

  • Marking clear zoned walkways for pedestrians
  • Displaying safety instructions and warnings to employees/visitors throughout all areas of the business
  • Outlining where forklifts and equipment are operating in heavy use
  • Highlighting areas used for storage or permanent machinery
  • Highlighting potential hazard areas such as ‘no entry’ zones

In some cases line marking may not be suitable, and you may prefer to install resistant floor marking tape. This type of tape can work well in warehouses that need temporary line marking or buildings that are being temporarily used that may still require appropriate direction and staging areas. This tape is generally easy to remove once done.

Barrier Group is Australia's leading safety product and service supplier and can assist you with line marking your warehouse including with site evaluation and a no-obligation quote.



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