Traffic Lane Separators

Traffic Lane Separators

Lane divider with interlocking rubber modules is ideal for traffic management applications

Barrier Group's Traffic Lane Separators are the ideal choice for streamlining traffic management and bolstering safety measures. Whether you oversee a busy urban roadway, a parking facility, construction site, or a bustling tramway, these lane dividers provide the essential elements of versatility, visibility, and protective features.

When it comes to traffic management, there's no room for compromise. Opt for our Lane Divider with Interlocking Rubber Modules to guarantee a more secure and well-organised traffic flow.

Key Features

Interlocking Rubber Modules:
Our lane dividers feature interlocking rubber modules that provide both flexibility and durability. These modules can be easily configured to suit your specific requirements, making them adaptable to various traffic management scenarios.

Versatile Traffic Management:
These Lane Separators are engineered to serve a multitude of purposes, from indicating lane separation on roadways to delineating cycle lanes, parking bays, and tramways. Their versatility makes them a go-to solution for enhancing safety in a variety of environments.

Enhanced Visibility:
When used with optional reflective panels, our lane dividers excel in low-light conditions, such as underground passages. These reflective panels significantly improve visibility, ensuring that your traffic management efforts remain effective day and night. Flexible bright orange guide posts with reflective tape or hazard panels in a choice of black/yellow chevron and red/white chevron can be utilised by inserting into the rubber modules serving as a vivid visual warning.

Protection Against Impact:
In addition to their traffic management functions, these dividers also serve as protective barriers. They safeguard tunnel walls from potential vehicle impact damage, adding an extra layer of security to high-traffic areas.


Lane Separation:
Clearly define lanes on roads and highways, enhancing traffic flow and reducing the risk of accidents.

Cycle Lanes:
Create safe and designated spaces for cyclists, improving road safety for all users.

Parking Bays:
Organise parking areas efficiently, reducing congestion and ensuring a smooth parking experience.

Construction Sites:
Safeguard busy construction sites and use as a temporary measure to direct traffic and cordon off ‘no access’ areas.

Car Park Entrances and Exit Ramps:
Clearly mark traffic lanes at parking entrances and exit ramps, minimising confusion and improving traffic flow.