Wall Mount and Magnetic Mount Retractable Belt Barriers with PVC Bodies

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Neata wall mount retractable belt units are the perfect solution for managing queues, restricting access, and guiding crowds in both indoor and sheltered outdoor spaces. The sturdy units have a durable PVC body and a retractable belt that extends up to either 5 or 10 metres, providing flexibility for various locations and applications. You can choose between diagonal belts in Red/White or Black/Yellow to suit your preferences and needs.

Suitable for a variety of settings, including doorways, entryways, stairways, and aisle closures, the wall mounted retractable belt barrier with a PVC casing is a versatile and practical solution for managing foot traffic in any space. The hi- vis, bright colours of both the casing and the belts means these versatile units are perfectly suited for industrial settings where high visibility is a requirement.

Neata Magna Mount unit, available in a 5m length and in Red/White or Black/Yellow belt, is specifically suited for use on warehouse racking to direct traffic and cordon off sections or the ends of aisles. This unit can be magnetically connected to either side of the aisle racking for quick and easy application.

In addition to the high-quality materials and customisable belt options, these retractable belt barriers also come equipped with a range of features that make it easy to use and highly effective. The wall mount unit includes a wall receiver bracket for secure mounting, a self-locking belt clip for added safety and convenience, and a built-in brake feature that allows for controlled retraction of the belt. The Magna Mount unit has an inbuilt magnet receiver to secure the belt in place. The combination of these features ensures that the products are both user-friendly and reliable.

Did you know?

Red and white stripes typically signify prohibited or restricted areas in safety management. Meanwhile, black and yellow stripes are generally used to mark hazards or areas requiring a cautionary approach.