Driver Pedal-Error Causes Near Miss in Melbourne Restaurant Crash

Accidental store front crashes are commonly caused by driver pedal-error whereby the accelerator is pressed instead of the brake. This is the reason behind the most recent case reported at the Utsav Indian Restaurant  on Heathmont shopping strip in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. There could have been fatal consequences had it occurred durin...
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Secure Your Trailer Boat with an Anti-theft Device to Reduce the Risk

It has come to our attention here at Barrier Group, that there have been recent boat and trailer thefts in our area. These crimes have always existed, but an increasing number of trailer boats have been reported stolen over the last few months. The most recent trailer theft was reported in the Herald Sun about an incident that occurred in Melbourne...
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Liquor Stores Targeted by Ram Raids in Melbourne & Geelong

A string of ram raid burglaries has plagued a Leopold IGA  store, near Geelong. It is the fifth attack this year sparking outcry by the owner and local residents for security bollards to be installed by the local government. Fortunately, no one has been harmed during these ram raids but the continuous cost of repairing the damaged shop front a...
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R & D Drives solutions for go-ahead businesses, so long as it’s under control

There has been a lot said and written about innovation and how beneficial it can be for a business, or even a country. And sure, finding better features for products, better processes to make or sell them can boost a business's profits significantly, so long as the costs of innovation are managed. Here at Barrier Group Pty Ltd, we have been designi...
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Barrier Group removable bollard stops ram-raid

What might have happened: ​ Thieves crash their stolen 4WD Hilux right through the bollard, penetrating the shop front and make off with a showroom full of dirt bikes. What actually happened: ​ The Hilux couldn't get past the bollard and became impaled on it. The Hilux was stuck, so the thieves panicked and ran off, leaving the shop intact and the ...
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NGV Melbourne uses our discreet Gallery Barriers in their current exhibition

We thank the NGV ( @NGVMelbourne ) for sending us these exquisite photos of their newest exhibition, that also features the use of our Gallery Barriers to keep the viewing public at a safe distance from the exhibits. As you can see from how subtle they are in the photos, the barriers are doing their best at being a discreet reminder to the public.