Is This the Most Beautiful Bike Bollard You’ve Ever Seen?

In a busy city ‘Zephyr’ is a stunning short or long term bicycle storage solution.

Incorporate it into a cutting edge architectural design and it becomes a sculptured bollard, a classic design element. In the town square or park it’s a gathering point, a place to stop, to chat, to bide a while with friends. Or then again, is it simply a beautiful piece of public sculpture, one that invites you to run your hands over its sumptuous metallic form, its smooth and generous curves?

Bicycle use is growing exponentially worldwide and now those stylish people in Lycra have an equally stylish place to park their bikes in Zephyr.

The Zephyr Bike Bollard has been developed over two years by Australian company Barrier Group Pty Ltd. It’s taken many hours of conceptual drawing, followed by CAD design work and even 3D modelling to finalise the design. But now, production of this stunning one-piece casting has started and we are very proud of the fact that it is 100% designed, developed and manufactured in Australia from Australian aluminium.

Rick Hall, who is Managing Director of Barrier Group says “Zephyr’s architectural form is designed to be a sculptural element. From its earliest concepts, I wanted something that is more than just a bent piece of pipe. It had to be unique and have an almost sensual look and feel to it. I think we have achieved this.

But it’s much more than just a beautiful piece of design.

As the world steadily becomes a more urban environment, with people seeking recreation outdoors in public spaces, rather than the private spaces that were more accessible to previous generations, the deployment of street furniture of high design values will be of vital importance to our quality of life. There is a danger that public spaces can degenerate into barren uninviting wastelands that become abandoned and unsafe. It will be important for local authorities to breathe life into these open spaces and make them welcoming and secure, by showing they are cared for in the way they are landscaped and fitted with amenities.

And what better amenity could people wish for in a busy city than to find a sanctuary where they can gather with friends, order a coffee and enjoy the sunshine all the while surrounded by beautiful public sculpture…or is it bicycle storage?

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