The Benefits of Recycling Old Tyres Can be a Load of Rubbish!

The Benefits of Recycling Old Tyres Can be a Load of Rubbish!

Local Geelong Company, Barrier Group, gets RMIT University’s Tick of Approval for the “Green Alternative” to rubber wheel stops – the Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop.

A recent four month Life Cycle Assessment undertaken by RMIT University for Barrier Group (a Geelong Company) has shown the clear advantage of this product compared with wheel stops made from recycled rubber.  The Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop is an innovation of Barrier Group – a Geelong manufacturing company with its own dedicated and active research department.

Aim of the RMIT University/Barrier Group study:  to undertake a comparison Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study of the cradle-to-grave environmental impacts – including end-of-life disposal scenarios – for Barrier Group’s new high-tech Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop in comparison with wheel stops made from recycled rubber.

The study quantified and compared the life-cycle environmental impacts (including those related to manufacture, distribution, use and disposal) of Barrier Group’s Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop from injection-moulded linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) compared with recycled rubber wheel stops – produced from reclaimed tyres and scrap rubber from a variety of sources and manufacturers.

Five key impact assessment indicators were applied:

  1. Global warming – a comparison of climate change effects as a result of the various production processes
  2. Water use – a comparison of total water usage used in the various  production processes
  3. Solid waste – a comparison of how much solid waste  is generated by the various processes
  4. Photo-oxidation formation – a comparison of summer smog emissions in the production of each type of product
  5. A comparison of the depletion of minerals and fossil fuels as a result of the various processes


Definitive conclusions from RMIT University indicate that the Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop is a better alternative than re-cycled rubber.  Barrier Group’s Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop has been found to be the Green alternative to Rubber (and indeed, by extrapolation, it has significant advantages over concrete and steel wheel stops).  It won’t fade, rot, rust or crack.  It has solid colours and is UV stabilised. It is extremely tough.

Weighing only 4.5 kgs, the Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop is easy to install with fixings (4 fixing points) and blanking plugs included. 

Designed to comply with AS2890.1:2004 and manufactured from high-tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with sustainability in mind, the Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop has emerged as a winner!

Download RMIT's report summary & information pack

Barrier Group – a Geelong Manufacturing company – can provide creative and original solutions to complex problems. 

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