Are wheel chocks rated for the weight of the vehicle? How do I know which one to buy?

The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the wheel chock! We stock large wheel chocks that are made from lightweight material so they can be handled by a single person. Wheel chocks must be selected to match the size of the tyres on the vehicle and should be used in pairs. As a general rule of thumb use a chock that is at least a quarter the height of the wheel. Three main factors affect the performance of wheel chocks: The angle of the road surface - called slope or grade, the size (height) of the wheel chock compared to the wheel height and the surface slip or friction of the road surface.

The vehicle should be placed in park (on vehicles with automatic gearboxes) and the parking or emergency brake applied. The wheel chocks are then snugly positioned against the centre of the tyres in the direction of the grade, on both the left and right side of the vehicle. On even surfaces, chocks should be applied to the rear-facing as well as the front-facing side of each tire.

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