Skateboard Stops – Machined Stainless Steel

The damage caused by skateboarders will grind to a halt when they discover you have installed our Skateboard Stop Buttons

Damage to valuable community assets caused by inappropriate use of skateboards is a major problem. It leaves unsightly and often dangerous exposed edges to masonry along with damage to expensive street furniture. Skateboard Stop Buttons can help prevent this damage and alleviate costly repair bills.  

Our skateboard stop buttons are of the highest possible quality being machined from solid marine grade 316 stainless steel, unlike some that are made from inferior brittle castings.

Available in seven styles and two sizes for different applications. They are economical to buy and simple to install using basic tools that are readily available to most maintenance and installation contractors.

Installation of Skateboard stops into masonry surfaces

  1. Set out skateboard stop positions as required keeping approximately 50mm in from edges and spaced no more than 750mm apart.
  2. Care should be taken in determining the appropriate off-set of the skate deterrent button from the edge of the seat or wall to prevent cracking or damage of the substrate material during installation.

    Skateboard Stop Install Diagram

  3. Using the appropriate tools, drill holes as set out below:
    Models SK20D-SS, SK20F-SS and SK23R-SS drill a 10mm dia hole 30mm deep. Models SK30D-SS, SK30DC-SS, SK30F-SS and SK30FC-SS drill a 12mm dia hole 40mm deep.
  4. Ensure holes are free of dust and half fill with a suitable injectable two-part epoxy.
  5. Using a twisting motion insert the Skateboard stop down fully into the epoxy, wipe off any excess epoxy before it cures.

Note: Always use appropriate personal protective equipment when using power tools or chemicals.

  • Description: Skateboard stop buttons.
    Material: Solid marine grade 316 stainless steel.
    Finish: High quality satin polish.
    Styles: Round ball, Dome and Flat top.
    Above Ground:

    SK20D-SS 10mm
    SK20F-SS 10mm
    SK23R-SS 23mm
    SK30D-SS 15mm
    SK30DC-SS 19mm
    SK30F-SS 15mm
    SK30FC-SS 19mm

    Below Ground: SK20D-SS 25mm
    SK20F-SS 25mm
    SK23R-SS 25mm
    SK30D-SS 35mm
    SK30DC-SS 31mm
    SK30F-SS 35mm
    SK30FC-SS 31mm
    Installation: Epoxy adhesive into drilled hole.
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