Pilot Solar Powered Light

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Pilot Solar Powered (Ambient Sensor) Light is solar charged by daylight and then automatically switches itself on at dusk or in low light conditions via an inbuilt sensor. Pilot Solar Powered (Button Manual Switch) Light also utilises the sun for its solar charge. It is operated by switching on and off manually, enabling use during various light conditions in daylight hours outside or inside buildings where light is still bright.

Pilot lights are weather-durable and sealed from water and dust while providing high visibility with a switch between OFF, ON for FLASH, or ON for STATIC modes. When fully charged after exposure to sunlight, the lights will continue to function for many hours.

These products are very versatile, and the applicable model may be used in a variety of settings, including indoors and outdoors, day or night, as a delineation in warehouses, factories, care parks and many other locations. Choose the Pilot Solar Light that best suits your requirements!

Both Pilot Solar Powered (Ambient Sensor) Light and Pilot Solar Powered (Button Manual Switch) Light models come in four standard colours of Red, Green, White and Amber.

Easy to install, these lights are compatible with all Pilot Twist-Lok receivers that exist within the Barrier Group Pilot Hazard Management range.