Bicycle Path Holding Rails & Target Boards

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Cyclist and pedestrian holding rails designed for use at walkways and crossings.

Bicycle path holding rails are designed for pedestrians and cyclists to allow the user to hold onto, or rest against, until traffic conditions change, and it becomes safe to cross the road.

Holding Rails are available in both below ground and surface mount models. Below ground installations can be utilised with either a core drilled signpost sleeve or a new concrete signpost sleeve depending on the required application and the grounds surface. Surface mount models can be quickly and easily installed with eight M12 x 60mm sleeve anchors to ensure the rail is securely fixed to the ground surface.

Rails are hot dip galvanised prior to being finished with a yellow powder-coat and Class 1 red and white reflective bands and can be purchased in three standard widths of 800mm, 1200mm and 1500mm. Holding Rails that include a pre-attached red and yellow chevron patterned target boards are available as an alternative option. Target Boards assist, particularly at night, to provide greater area of reflective surface coverage, making the rails far more visible. Target Boards can be purchased separately and attached to existing holding rails.

Barrier Group Bicycle Path Holding Rails are designed to comply within the Austroads standards for their Guide to Road Design Part 6A: Paths for Walking and Cycling.