At Barrier Group we take problem solving seriously...!

At Barrier Group we take problem solving seriously...!

Our customers can come from a very wide range of markets including industrial, commercial, government, institutional and private. In fact, we like to think there is not a business in this country that would not have a use for at least one of our products.

Many of these products came about through solving a specific problem or meeting a unique need for one of our customers.

While our origins may be in manufacturing and continue to be today, over time we have developed considerable strengths in local and international sourcing and product development from conceptual design, through to market ready and beyond.

Below you will find four specific case studies where we have developed a unique product in response to a customers call for help. These case studies are not isolated examples, rather they are typical of our everyday activities.


Problem solved with the Scorpion Wheel Clamp  

The Scorpion

Protect your car, caravan, trailer and boat against theft by securing it with our Scorpion Wheel Clamp.

Problem solved with the Bollard Protection Sleeves  

No More Bollard Repairs

The most economical and efficient solution to repair fading, flaking, scratched and rusted bollard surfaces with our Bollard Protection Sleeves.

Problem solved with the Shock Absorbing Bollards  

What a Shocker!

The revolutionary Shock Absorbing Bollard is designed to take repeated impacts without incurring permanent damage.

Problem solved with the Slo-Motion Compliance Speed Humps  

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Super strong engineering and low noise materials makes Slo-Motion Compliance the number one choice for speed humps

If you don’t find the solution you are looking for, call and put us to the test.

Problem Solved: Neat and Tidy Landscapes
One Product, Many Uses


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Barrier Group

Barrier Group is Australia’s leading industrial safety manufacturer and distributor. Barrier Group designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of industrial and pedestrian safety products such as bollards, fencing and pedestrian barriers, industrial gates, queue control systems, and traffic and car control products like speed humps, wheel stops and traffic delineators. We supply to all Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin, and supply to most overseas locations.

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