One Product, Many Uses

One Product, Many Uses

Barrier Group revolutionises their range by offering products with multiple uses such as our Q-Fence and Menni products.

Q-Fence systems are moulded polyethylene panels that come with a range of additional features that allows you to create a variety of safety barriers.


is designed to separate working areas from possible hazards in the workplace such as forklifts and low maneuvering vehicles.


is a separation barrier designed to protect pedestrians from being struck by forklifts, specifically forklift tines, with the addition of Menni modules.


is designed as a quickly deployed temporary edge protection system that prevents harmful and deadly fall accidents off loading docks and jetties.


is designed for use with cast aluminium brackets to create a temporary edge protection barrier on truck trays to prevent fall accidents while loading and unloading goods.

Menni solutions are linear low density polyethylene modules that allows you to create or enhance various asset protection barriers.

Menni Asset Protection

Modules mounted to the floor and used as a bumper in warehouses and factories to prevent damage to building structures from vehicles and forklift impact.

Menni Racking End Protectors

Modules mounted independently of warehouse racking to ensure no damage is caused to the structures, it provides protection by absorbing impacts from forklifts, vehicles and trolleys.

Menni with Ball-Fence

Galvanised steel safety barrier combined with menni modules to protect pedestrian from possible injury or fatality by preventing contact with forklift tines on walkways.

Menni Modules

paired with Q-Fence panels (aka. Menni-Q) creates a forklift separation barrier designed to protect employees legs and feet from contact with forklift tines.

Menni & Q-Fence

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