Be Wary of Cheap Imitations!


Ever thought something was too good to be true? Well, it usually is. Take this example of a cheap truck stop. With only a 2mm wall thickness, it collapsed after its first use.

Barrier Group's Heavy Duty Truck Stop has a 5mm wall thickness, and the three mounting feet are fillet welded into place, not spot welded.

A cross-section of Barrier Group's Heavy Duty truck stop with a 5mm wall.

Our large TS140-G Heavy Duty Truck Stops are 140mm in diameter and 2400mm long, and for smaller trucks, we have TS90-G, which are 90mm diameter and 1800mm long. Both are available in either galvanised or galvanised/powder-coated yellow finish and come complete with powder-coated cast aluminium caps and mounting fixings.

If you're using a cheap imitation, what's stopping you? 

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