Safety Third: Think Safety First

Today's 'Safety Third' demonstrates that people should always consider their own advice when they are promoting a safe work environment.

Gosh, this man has definitely put himself in a precarious position to possibly obtain some painful injuries.

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Safety Third: You Can’t Sleep Here

Today's Safety Third photo demonstrates that people will go to great lengths to get in a little shut-eye.

Even when on the job. In the middle of the road. On a highway.

At least he has the traffic cones to save him, right? No.

From a safety perspective there is obviously so many things wrong with this picture.

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Safety Third: What Could Go Wrong?

Keep a lookout for our recurring feature:

We will be showcasing images from around the web that are sometimes dangerous, risque, funny or downright incredulous and definitely NOT safe.

If we think it has a safety message, we are sure you will see it too.

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