How to Improve Warehouse Safety [infographic]

Barrier Group can help you ensure the safety of employees and visitors in your warehouse, factory and facility with a range of pedestrian separation and asset protection barriers designed to be permanently fixed in place.

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One Product, Many Uses

Barrier Group revolutionises their range by offering products with multiple uses such as our Q-Fence and Menni products.

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How to Improve Car Park Safety [infographic]

Barrier Group can help you control the movement of vehicles and ensure the safety of pedestrians in your car parks.

We provide a wide range of products and accessories for car parks in shopping centres, supermarkets, factories and institutions.

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How to Improve Workplace Safety [infographic]

Barrier Group provides products to help meet your workplace safety responsibilities, plus a range of versatile storage solutions.

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How to Improve Pedestrian Queue Control [infographic]

Barrier Group provide temporary and portable barriers for managing pedestrian queues at airports, cinemas and galleries or for cordoning off work sites and restricted areas.

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Rubber vs Polyethylene - Which Speed Hump is Better? [infographic]

Take a closer look at the comparison of materials when they are constructed into two of Barrier Group's popular speed humps.

When it comes to choosing a speed hump we understand that construction, performance rating and traffic suitability (and also, price) are key influences in your decision.

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