New Economy Cam-lok Bollards - Making Security More Affordable

Ram-Raid Bollards Cam-lok Removable In-ground bollards are perfect for ram-raid protection

Barrier Group's Cam-lok Removable In-ground bollards have always been the go-to product for protecting businesses against ram raids – and they still are. Our premium range of Cam-lok bollards is still available with Bi-lock High-Security locks and registered keys. However, while many businesses require the same level of protection, not everyone needs the same level of security. Let me explain.

We manufacture our Premium Lock Cam-Lok Removable In-ground Bollards from 5mm thick steel. We use the very high quality 'Bi-lock' removable core lock mechanisms with security registered keying, which prevents the making of unauthorised copies. Duplicate keys are only available through Barrier Group where we keep your key code on file. We do not need you to return the key or lock to us to supply a duplicate key. Our Premium Lock Cam-lok Bollards are also available keyed alike.

5mm thick steel wall of the bollard with the locking mechanism.
The complex high-security Bi-lock.

The new Economy Lock Cam-lok Removable In-ground Bollards are made from the same 5mm thick steel and still secured with a lock and key. The only difference is that the economy locks don't offer security registered keys. While each bollard comes with two keys, you can order extra duplicate keys when you order your bollard. Barrier Group can also cut more keys if you send a key to us for duplication.

Please note we cannot cut or supply duplicate keys if the original keys are lost.

The new Economy Lock Cam-lok Removable In-ground bollards are not available keyed alike – each bollard will have a different key.

All structural features, finishes (including quality 316 stainless steel), and accessories remain the same for both ranges. See the table below for a direct comparison between the two models.

 Comparison Table

Features Premium Lock Bollards Economy Lock Bollards

5mm Thick Wall - Powdercoat or Galvanised

Powder Coated Aluminium Cap included

Available in 3.4mm Stainless Steel

Two keys supplied

Available in keyed different

Available in Keyed alike

Registered Key

Replacement keys can be cut without supplying key or lock

Original key must be available for duplication

Master keys available

Is your business as protected as it could be? Our amazing sales staff will be happy to give you an obligation free quote, so why not give them a call? Oh, and don't forget to ask about our installation service! ????

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