Barwon Water

Barwon Water

Barwon Water is a government owned statutory authority that controls majority of the water system in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. This includes the reservoirs, and the sewerage and drainage system that services the city and surrounding districts. With a service area covering approximately 8100 square kilometres, designated boundaries are Little River in the north-east, the Bellarine Peninsula in the east, Meredith and Cressy in the north, and Apollo Bay to the south-west.

The Problem

Barwon Water’s Wurdiboluc Reservoir was given the task of maximising the water flow to Geelong and surrounds to assist protection of water level supplies at the Lal Lal Reservoir. This meant an upgrade to the Wurdiboluc Reservoir Water Treatment Plant would be undertaken to ensure the continued safety of Barwon Water employee’s and any visitors to the site. Installation of new industrial swing gates were required to prevent access of unauthorised vehicles. Fall arrest safety fencing, bordering water plant equipment operating in sunken, below ground levels, required upgrading and additional coverage.

The Solution

Barrier Group’s Ball Fence guardrail was intergrated with existing safety fencing to fully secure all operational areas of the water plant. Ball Fence guardrail was also utilised at entry points of the property where vehicles cross over channels of water upon entry and exit. This safety fencing system doubles as a visual directive, guiding drivers safely across the channels, removing the danger of straying from safely accessible pathways. Manually operated swing gates were installed in several locations to control vehicle access and ensure only authorised personnel were permitted entry.

The Challenges

Ball Fence Guardrail was succesfully installed around the edges of the sunken, below ground levels making them impenetrable against workers accidently falling in. However, in such an open area as most water treatment plants are, it still left these equipment zones and safety fencing exposed to knocks and bumps from vehicles. To overcome this concern hi-vis rubber wheel stops were installed in front of the guradrail to provide extra protection.

Client Response

Our Barrier Group installation team worked with the client to ensure the day to day production at the water treatement plant was not excessively disrupted. Where possible, work was carried out in localised zones on site. Our team was able to complete all work swiftly, professionally and to a high level of satisfaction from the client. We successfully fulfilled Barwon Water’s safety solution requirements and assisted them in creating a safe and secure work place for employees and vistiors.


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