Manual Swing Gate

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Manual Swing Gates are utilised as traffic flow safety solutions in many commercials and industrial settings.

Manual swing gates play a crucial role in various commercial and industrial settings, such as warehouses, factories, loading docks, and car parks. Their significance lies in their ability to provide secure access control, ensuring that only authorized personnel and vehicles can enter designated areas. By using manual swing gates, businesses can effectively manage traffic flow and enhance safety within their premises.

These gates are particularly valuable in settings where automation might be impractical or costly. They offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for controlling entry and exit points, preventing unauthorized access, and safeguarding valuable assets and inventory. Additionally, their sturdy construction and low maintenance requirements make them a practical choice for demanding industrial environments, where they contribute significantly to overall operational efficiency and security. The industrial swing gate can be easily installed on a bollard or any solid surface, serving as a robust safety barrier to deter unauthorized vehicle and pedestrian access to hazardous zones. Designed for manual operation, these gates can be effortlessly opened and closed by a single person, allowing smooth and controlled vehicle and forklift access.

Each manual swing gate is supplied with a 5-metre aluminium beam finished in yellow powder coating and hi-vis red/white reflective panel. The 5-metre beam can be cut down at time of installation to fit within a smaller space. (Minimum lengths apply).

A choice of round or square bollards are available for purchase. The bollards can serve as optional mounting points for the manual swing gate as well as being used as receiver posts in a closed or open position. A wall receiver bracket is included with each unit. The tethered holding/locking pin feature offers increased flexibility and control – enabling three holding positions at 90° left, 90° right and closed The locking pin is also designed to accept a padlock, ensuring additional security for the gate.

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