Strike Face Loading Dock Bumper

Strike Face Loading Dock Bumper

Upgrade your loading dock protection with Barrier Group's Strike Face Loading Dock Bumpers. Designed as a superior alternative to our standard D-Section dock bumpers, these innovative bumpers are engineered to provide exceptional durability and impact resistance. Whether you're looking to enhance the safety of your loading dock or need to replace worn-out bumpers, our Strike Face Loading Dock Bumpers are the ideal solution.

Key Features:

Tough 8mm Thick Extruded Aluminium Strike Face: The standout feature of these bumpers is their heavy-duty 8mm thick extruded aluminium strike face. This robust strike face is designed to distribute the force of impacts evenly across the rubber cushion, ensuring maximum protection for your loading dock.

Solid Premium Quality Rubber Body: The foundation of our Strike Face Loading Dock Bumpers is a solid rubber body, crafted from premium-quality materials. This rugged rubber cushion serves as the primary shock absorber, effectively reducing the impact force on your loading dock.

Available in Various Lengths: Barrier Group understands that loading docks come in various sizes, which is why we offer these bumpers in multiple lengths to suit your specific needs. Choose from 910mm, 610mm, and 300mm options to ensure a perfect fit for your loading dock.

Rubber Bodies and Strike Faces Sold Separately: For added flexibility and cost-effectiveness, we offer the rubber bodies and aluminium strike faces as separate components. This means you can replace only the parts that are worn or damaged, reducing replacement costs and minimising waste.

Barrier Group's Strike Face Loading Dock Bumpers provide unmatched protection for your loading dock, ensuring the longevity of your infrastructure and the safety of your personnel. Whether you're dealing with heavy-duty loading operations or simply want to enhance the durability of your dock bumpers, our products are the ideal choice.