Port-a-guard Maxi Expandable Barriers

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A heavy duty expandable barrier for industrial applications

The heavy-duty Port-a-guard Maxi Expandable Barrier range, designed with aluminium slats, galvanised slide and handle components and stainless-steel fixings that are all non-corrosive, ensures the product is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

The Port-a-guard Maxi Expandable Barrier, armed with four sturdy, lockable swivel castors and centred dolly wheels, promises easy manoeuvrability. Units can be linked together to form a continuous heavy-duty barrier.

For those favouring a more permanent solution, the Port-a-guard Maxi Doorway Barrier is adept for wall or post mount applications. With swivel mounting brackets, the fixed barrier effortlessly pivots to optimise accessibility. Either model can be mounted to an existing structure with the swivel brackets supplied or used with our optional surface mounting posts BPGM-DBP, where independent mounting is required.

Swivel mounting brackets let the barrier rotate through 180 degrees, allowing it to be folded out of the way, thereby maximising the usable opening size.

Adding an extra layer of security, an optional padlock-compatible wall receiver bracket (included with fixed-mounted products, optional for freestanding ones) ensures an obstacle to unauthorised removal of the expanded barrier.

Both Port-a-guard Maxi Expandable Barrier and Maxi Expandable Doorway Barrier are available in 1430mm x 6.7 metres or 1800mm x 7.8 metres when fully extended.

Available in both Mill or Black Yellow Powder coated finish.