Group 1 Height Bars - Cantilever Hanger

Suspended height restriction bar with hanger assemblies and chains

Our Group 1 height bars are available in a range of standard lengths from 2 metres all the way up to 6 metres. Each height bar is supplied with the necessary chain suspension kits and “LOW CLEARANCE” text, with your specified height in Black lettering on a White vinyl background.

Use height bars at locations where vehicles first enter an undercover area or encounter an overhead obstruction, where the clearance in either case is: (i) 3 metres or less if only cars or light vans are likely to use the facility or (ii) 4.6 metres or less in all other areas.

For Fixing HBS500 onto:

  • HBPSM/HBPBG – Use M12 x 130mm Bolts (supplied)
  • Brick or Concrete wall – Use M12 Dyna Bolts or M12 Concrete Screws

Engineered Height Bars available upon request.

HB6-PA, HB7-PA & HB8-PA must use HBS1200.

  • Description: Suspended height bar with hanger assemblies and chains
    Material: Height bar – 145 x 40 extruded aluminium.
    Finish: Yellow powder coat. Galvanised steel chain.
    Length: 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 metres.
    Weight: 2 metre with hangers – 6.4kgs.
    3 metre with hangers – 9kgs.
    4 metre with hangers – 11.5kgs.
    5 metre with hangers – 14.2kgs.
    6 metre with hangers – 16.7kgs.
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