Mezzanine Double-Boom Gate

Mezzanine Pallet Safety Gates designed to promote safe delivery procedures on and off mezzanine levels, elevated floors and loading docks.

Mezzanine Gates protect workers while loading and unloading pallets, particularly when working at elevated heights where a fall could be extremely hazardous. The gate not only separates workers from the forklift loading operation onto the mezzanine level, but it also secures the ledges of loading bays to safeguard against accidental falls.

The standard 1.5 metre opening of the gate suits most pallet sizes allowing enough room for packing or unpacking pallets with ease. A larger 2-metre-wide opening version is also available. The gates are a right hand open, however should a left-hand operation be required it can be ‘built to order’ by request. To assist with the counterbalance opening of one gate while the other closes, gas struts have been included in this well thought out design. Barrier Group Mezzanine Gates are easily operated by one person, with a simple manual lift and gas strut assistance, regardless of their personal strength or reach.

The Mezzanine Gates are available in kits that include posts, booms with hi-vis reflective tape, kick rail as per AS 1657:2018 requirements and applicable hardware. (Ground fixings are not included.) Our Barrier Group installation team offer a full installation service which can be quoted upon request.

It is highly recommended to also include U-Bars or safety railing either side of the Mezzanine gate should it be installed into an area that leaves the sides of the gate exposed.

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