Blue Skinz Bollard Sleeves

Blue Skinz Bollard Sleeves

Increased safety, visibility, and protection for shared vehicle parking spaces

The Barrier Group ‘Skinz’ bollard sleeve range includes a Blue option designed for use in disability car spaces and zoned areas. A bollard with only a galvanised finish can become visually lost in a busy or congested car park.

The standard specifies that a bollard, post, or column must be positioned within the shared area to prevent car or motorcycle parking. However, the standard does not require the bollard to be highly visible; instead, it mandates a minimum 30% Luminance contrast ( See Note 1 below) to the pavement, as measured according to AS1428.1. By placing a coloured bollard sleeve with a coloured reflective band ( See Note 2 below) over a galvanised bollard its visibility is immediately improved.

  1. Luminance contrast refers to the difference in brightness between two adjacent surfaces or elements, typically within a built environment. It is crucial in creating easily navigable and safe environments for individuals with visual impairments. Individuals with visual impairments can distinguish between these elements more easily by ensuring a sufficient contrast between different surfaces, such as floors, handrails, and signage.
  2. Barrier Group provides white reflective tape as a standard option with our disability bollard and accessories range. However, depending on the surface and material of the pavement, the supplied sleeve and tape colour may not be suitable. It is recommended to consult a Luminance contrast testing provider to ensure that your installation complies with the standards.

When a new installation is required, Barrier Group supplies our 140mm in-ground ‘Gal-Plus’ bollards. These bollards include the bollard sleeve and instantly comply with standards. Both stand 1400mm tall for increased awareness by reversing drivers, are blue in colour and supplied with a white reflective band for improved visibility.

CAUTION: Flexible or non-fixed bollards should be avoided as they provide minimal physical protection to users of shared vehicle parking zones.

Off Street Parking for People with Disabilities

If you are in the process of planning or upgrading an existing commercial or public carpark, you are required to consider the needs of people with disabilities.

If you are in the process of planning or upgrading an existing commercial or public carpark, you are required to consider the needs of people with disabilities.

In Australia there is a requirement under the standard AS2890.6-2022 for all shared areas adjacent to a dedicated parking space, provided for the access and egress of people with a disability, to be protected by a fixed bollard. Bollards must be a minimum installed height of 1300mm, with a retro-reflective coloured band of minimum 300mm width and at a minimum of 900mm above ground level.

We recommend a fixed bollard to prevent the use of the shared area by other vehicles for parking, or during unloading. A fixed bollard also, importantly, provides physical protection for people with disabilities from other vehicles reversing or manoeuvring in a car park.

Disabled Carpark Single Bay

Single bay disabled carpark with a Blue bollard and wheel stop

Disabled Carpark Double Bay

Double bay disabled carpark with a Blue bollard and wheel stops

Disabled Carpark Forward-In Bay

Forward-In bay disabled carpark with a Blue bollard and wheel stops

Skinz One-Piece Sleeves in Blue

Skinz One-Piece Sleeves in Blue

Part No. SKZ145-DB
  • Simple, slip-on retrofit to existing 140mm dia. bollards
  • 1400mm tall, 3mm thick polyethylene sleeves
  • Reflective white band supplied
  • Skinz are also available in Yellow in a range of sizes
  • Highly durable maintenance-free polyethylene

Gal-Plus Blue Bollards

Gal-Plus Blue Bollards

Part No's. C140SM-SKZDB / C140BG-SKZDB
  • Surface mount or below ground 140mm dia.
  • Heavy duty 5mm thick wall and hot dip galvanised
  • Fitted with 3mm thick polyethylene Skinz sleeves
  • 1400mm tall with a 300mm white reflective band supplied
  • Gal-Plus also available in Yellow and a range of sizes

Compliance Wheel Stops in Blue

Compliance Wheel Stops in Blue

Part No. CWS1700B
  • Made in Australia from 100% recyclable LLDPE
  • Available in Blue, Yellow, Grey and Black
  • Four recessed fixing points for maximum hold-down
  • Fixing kits available for a range of surface types
View the Compliance Wheel Stop


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