Compliance Wheel Stop

At last, a Green Alternative to rubber, concrete and steel wheel stops!

Barrier Group Compliance Wheel Stop are designed to comply with AS/NZS 2890.1:2004. They are manufactured from high-tech Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with longevity and sustainability in mind.

The Compliance one-piece wheel stop is packed with features never seen before in a wheel stop, anywhere in the world. It will not fade, rot or rust and it comes complete with blanking plugs, or the choice to purchase optional reflector plugs. The wheel stops are light enough to be carried by one person meaning installation is a breeze.

Compliance wheel stops are available in a variety of colours. Safety Yellow for increased visibility and pedestrian safety, Blue for highlighting disabled parking spaces, Green for highlighting parking spaces reserved for EV charging, Black and Concrete Grey.

What is a wheel stop?

Wheel stop limits the travel of a vehicle into a parking space for the following reasons:

  • Where overhang may become inconvenient or hazardous for pedestrians.
  • Prevent contact with an end barrier or high kerb.
  • Prevent encroachment into an opposing parking space.
A wheel stop must not be in the path of pedestrians accessing a parked vehicle.

Fixing Kits for Installation

An additional bonus feature associated with Barrier Group Compliance Wheel Stops is the ability to be able to install them into a variety of surfaces and substrates. One person can easily install these lightweight products with a choice of three standard fixing systems onto concrete, bitumen, or asphalt. Choose the optional KIT that best suits your application.

Attach a Wheel Stop Sign to the wheel stops recessed area with the supplied self-tapping screw. Available in a range of options including ‘RESERVED’, ‘STAFF’, ‘VISITOR’, 'EV CHARGING', and more. (Sold separately)

Note: Fixing kits are to be ordered separately.
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RMIT University proves Barrier Group’s Compliance Wheel Stop is better for the environment than recycled rubber

Definitive conclusions from RMIT University indicated that the Compliance Wheel Stop is a better alternative than recycled rubber, for five different measures of environmental impact.

Read more about RMIT University’s Tick of Approval