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Command any hazardous situation with our Pilot Belt Barrier System.

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The Pilot is a unique, purpose-designed belt barrier system that you can confidently deploy into any traffic, construction or facilities management situation to control hazards where pedestrian safety may be at risk. This versatile cone top belt barrier is accompanied by a full range of supporting accessories which makes it adaptable to any internal and external environment in a wide range of industries, from construction to airports and shipping, events, retail and so many more.

If you are looking for a portable solution to surround restricted areas quickly and efficiently, Pilot will be in command.


Retractable Belt System

The Pilot retracting belt system brings an entirely new level of functionality and versatility to the area of pedestrian management. Rather than being a single product with some accessories added along the way, Pilot has been designed from the outset as a complete integrated system. This system consists of the main Pilot body unit with a 10 metre braked-belt and our unique ‘twist-lok’ quick connect system. Twist-lok allows the Pilot body to be switched between a range of posts, cones, and wall and magna-mount holders.

Belt Options

Pilot is available in six standard belt colours and four printed belts.


  • Pilot Red White Belt
    Red & White
    Pilot Red White Belt
  • Pilot Red Belt
    Pilot Red Belt
  • Pilot No Entry Belt
    No Entry
    Pilot No Entry Belt
  • Pilot Black and Yellow Belt
    Black & Yellow
    Pilot Black and Yellow Belt
  • Pilot Yellow Belt
    Pilot Yellow Belt
  • Pilot Caution Belt
    Pilot Caution Belt
  • Pilot Caution No Entry Belt
    Caution No Entry
    Pilot Caution No Entry Belt
  • Pilot Do Not Enter Belt
    Do Not Enter
    Pilot Do Not Enter Belt
  • Pilot Green White Belt
    Green & White
    Pilot Green White Belt
  • Pilot Blue White Belt
    Blue & White
    Pilot Blue White Belt
  • Pilot Blue Belt
    Pilot Blue Belt
  • Pilot Black Belt
    Pilot Black Belt

Custom Belt Printing

Company logos, product branding or instructions. These are just some of the reasons you may wish to have your belts custom printed. Minimum quantities, lead times and additional costs will apply. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we can provide a quotation.

Made tough to last

The Pilot body is moulded from tough nylon to take the bump and grind of daily life in the field.

Made tough to last

10 Metre Belt & Locking Clip

At 10 metres Pilot has the longest belt in its class. It is fitted with a brake and locking belt clip.


10m Pilot belt with locking clip

Twist-lok Connectivity

Provides simple connection of most Pilot accessories without the need for tools.


Pilot with A5 twist-lok sign

Detachable Cone Adaptor

Each Pilot belt unit is supplied with one cone mount adaptor that fits our 1 metre traffic cones. Additional adaptors are available upon request.


Detachable cone adaptor

Anti-tamper Feature

The Pilot belt unit is fitted with a security screw which helps prevent any unauthorised removal of the unit.


Pilot anti-tamper screw

Stainless Steel Bearings

Crucial internals run on sealed stainless steel bearings and aluminium spindles, not plastic bushes.

Pilot spring with stainless steel bearings

Pilot Clips & Receivers

  • Fixed Wall Receiver

    Fixed Wall Receiver

    The standard Pilot wall receiver is designed to be screw fixed to any surface for attaching the extended belt. One fixed wall receiver is supplied with each Pilot belt unit. Additional receivers may be purchased separately.

  • Magnetic Wall Receiver

    Magnetic Wall Receiver

    The magnetic Pilot wall receiver is designed to be attached to any steel surface for attaching the extended belt. Magnetic wall receivers are sold separately. However, when purchasing Pilot Magna-Mount brackets, one magnetic wall receiver is included.

  • Magnetic Wall Receiver

    Pilot Belt Utility Clip

    The Pilot belt utility clip allows the belt to be attached anywhere along its length where more than one fixed point is required, eg. where connecting to another Pilot unit or 4-way receiver. Alternatively it can be used to connect the belt to a post by wrapping back on itself. One utility clip is supplied with each Pilot belt unit. Additional utility clips are available in packs of 10.

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