Pilot Ready to Launch into Australian Pedestrian Control and Hazard Management Airspace

Barrier Group Pty Ltd, has been developing, designing and manufacturing pedestrian and workplace safety solutions in Australia for almost two decades. The company, which prides itself on the ability to control the new product development process from conception to completion, has this time created their Pilot range from the outset as an integrated ...
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Off-Street Parking for People with Disabilities

IF YOU ARE in the process of planning or upgrading an existing commercial or public carpark, you are required to consider the needs of people with disabilities as set out in AS2890.6:2009. In Australia, there is a requirement under the standard, for all shared areas adjacent to a dedicated parking space provided for the access and egress of people ...
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US city councils setting a new standard with bollard sleeve installations

Two city councils in the USA have implemented a radical plan to boost the safety of its residents from vehicle attacks during street parades, events and festivals. Coronado, a suburb of San Diego and Starkville Mississippi have installed hundreds of bollard sleeves at designated key access points within the city area with the ability to deploy temp...
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Frankston ram-raid highlights importance of correct bollard placement

There is an old saying 'a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.' A recent ram-raid of an Anaconda outlet in Frankston has demonstrated that this concept can also be applied to bollards. Despite the presence of bollards around the perimeter, thieves managed to find a vulnerability within the installation allowing them to crash a stolen Ford T...
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Bradman turns attack into defence

More used to standing guard against the likes of English fast bowlers Harold Larwood and Bill Voce, Sir Don Bradman has a new challenge on his hands: stopping vehicles and the modern threat of terrorism. A towering 2.5 metre bronze statue of the cricketing legend that sits on a 1.5 metre stone plinth has been relocated from parklands surrounding th...
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Melbourne Bollard Installations Soaring in 2018

So far in 2018, we've seen sales increase across our entire Bollard ranges and subsequently a rise in our installation services across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We've been able to conduct site assessments to recommend, supply and install an off-the-shelf or customised bollard solution - all from our Geelong-based location. No job is too sm...
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