Problem Solved: Law Enforcement and the Scorpion Wheel Clamp

Problem Solved: Law Enforcement and the Scorpion Wheel Clamp

At Barrier Group we take problem solving seriously - when others might be wiping their hands of your problems, we are just rolling up our sleeves.

The Problem

In 2004, a local enforcement authority started investigating wheel clamps from all parts of the world.

They were looking for a product to impound vehicles whose owners had accumulated unpaid fines.

Their needs were quite specific; The clamp must

  • weigh approximately 12kg,b2ap3_thumbnail_car-wheel-clamped-by-sheriff-.jpg

  • be easily used by both male and female officers,

  • be simple and quick to fit,

  • be able to accommodate a range of vehicles without damaging the vehicle or trim.

After a world-wide search for a wheel clamp to meet their requirements it was successful.

Enter, Barrier Group.

The Solution

b2ap3_thumbnail_scorpion-wheel-clamp-SCOR1-8.jpgIn 2006, Barrier Group was approached to develop a locally made solution.

With only four months to conceive, design and manufacture a 'world first' wheel clamp, the task was huge. But we did it with mere hours to spare!

The Scorpion Wheel Clamp was created and named as such 'because when it latches on it doesn’t let go, and it has a nasty sting if threatened!'

The wheel clamp design meets all the requirements:

  • Fits a wide range of wheels without removing the wheel trims

  • Can be fitted to the side of any vehicles front or rear wheel

  • Robust construction to resist vandalism

  • Zinc plated to avoid corrosion

  • Reflective sign face for night visibility

  • Weighs 12.5kgs making it easy to carry and install

  • All parts pack neatly inside the wheel clamp

  • Easy storage and transport

Along with other State and Federal enforcement bodies, private operators are also benefiting from the Scorpion Wheel Clamp by immobilizing their trailers and caravans to avoid theft.

To this day, there are over 1000 units in service with law enforcement agencies across Australia.

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Watch Robbie demonstrate how easy it is to install the Scorpion Wheel Clamp.

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