Stainless Steel Safety Mirror

Stainless Steel Safety Mirror

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Convex Safety Mirrors

Convex mirrors allow the viewer to see around corners. Blind spots are made visible by the curved surface of the mirrors extending the view and creating a safer environment. They are predominantly used where drivers need to view other vehicles or pedestrians that may be around the next corner. They are also regularly utilised in businesses where vandalism or theft may be costing owners money. Convex mirrors help safeguard against shoplifters and other threats to businesses.

Barrier Group stainless steel convex mirrors are the only choice for long term, weather resistant, outdoor safety mirrors. They are able to resist a certain amount of impact force and will not shatter as a standard mirror would.

While stainless steel convex mirrors can be installed indoors, they are mostly used in outdoor locations such as industrial workplaces, schools, universities, shopping centres, railways stations, airports, and a wide range of public car parks.

The smallest 490mm stainless steel mirror includes both aluminium wall mount and 50mm post mount brackets for choice of installation. The other three sizes of mirrors - 600mm, 800mm, and 1000mm - all include a hot dipped galvanised steel 76.3mm post mount bracket, with the choice to purchase an optional wall mount bracket (MCB75) if required.

Product Bracket Material Fixing Material Wall mount bracket - included Post mount bracket - included
490mm Aluminium HDG steel Yes Yes – to suit 50mm
600mm HDG steel HDG steel No (Bracket MCB75 sold separately) Yes – to suit 76.3mm