Kardinia Park Trust

Kardinia Park Trust

The Kardinia Park Stadium Trust is a statutory authority established under the Kardinia Park Stadium Act, 2016. The Trust has been established to administer, promote and manage the Kardinia Park Stadium Trust Land, with an overarching objective of contributing to the economic, community and liveability benefits to Geelong, that arise from the use of GMHBA Stadium.

The Problem

Kardinia Park is an iconic stadium for the people of Geelong. It is known far and wide amongst sporting fans as the home of the only team in the AFL to represent regional Australia. When the latest upgrade was planned, there was a requirement to protect thousands of pedestrians from road traffic, but to also enhance the architectural status of the building.

The Solution

Fixed and removable bollards were used to zone and restrict traffic. Some of these were installed with loose caps to allow them to be filled with concrete for extra impact protection. Speed humps were used at strategic points to slow vehicles down e.g. pedestrian crossing points. Barrier's Zephyr bollards were used along the forecourt to make a distinctive architectural statement that enhanced the stadium and provided bicycle parking at the same time.

The Challenges

A solution to pedestrian management was needed that satisfied all the stakeholders in the project, including architects, builders, the Kardinia Park Trust management and the various sporting clubs utilising the facility. Various parts of the building needed protection from vehicles and the forecourt, where thousands of people were processed before entry to the ground, needed protection that was both effective and distinctive.

Client Response

The builders found the products straightforward to install and appreciated the speed with which the products were made available to the site. The users and managers of the stadium appreciated the fact that protection was provided to spectators in a way that facilitated pedestrian movement through the complex and created some aesthetic interest in its environment.


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Barrier Group

Barrier Group is Australia’s leading industrial safety manufacturer and distributor. Barrier Group designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of industrial and pedestrian safety products such as bollards, fencing and pedestrian barriers, industrial gates, queue control systems, and traffic and car control products like speed humps, wheel stops and traffic delineators. We supply to all Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin, and supply to most overseas locations.

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