NGV Melbourne uses our discreet Gallery Barriers in their current exhibition

We thank the NGV ( @NGVMelbourne ) for sending us these exquisite photos of their newest exhibition, that also features the use of our Gallery Barriers to keep the viewing public at a safe distance from the exhibits. As you can see from how subtle they are in the photos, the barriers are doing their best at being a discreet reminder to the public.
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If You are a Gallery or Museum These Barriers Have Been Designed for You

Gallery is the latest addition to the Neata range. It is Australia's first dedicated pedestrian management system designed for galleries, museums and exhibition spaces. What inspired the creation of Neata Gallery ? ‚Äč Current barriers on the market today, including our own, are designed to be noticed for the purpose of directing pedestrian foot traf...
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What Inspired the Neata Queue Management System - Interview with Rick Hall

At some time we have all waited patiently (or more likely impatiently) in line behind them in airports, cinemas, banks, theatres, nightclubs, public events and so on.

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Are you Aware of this Potential Risk to Passenger Safety in Airports

Did you know most airports have a potential weapon within reach of angry customers hands that could kill? They have in the past.

Sounds absurd, doesn't it?

High security airports allowing this potential hazard to exist - no way! I'm not even kidding you when I say that nightclubs also have this threat.

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