Storefront Crashes Are More Common Than You Think

Picture this: It's Sunday morning and you've ducked out to fill your car with petrol for the weekly commute to work and some milk for the kids cereal from your local petrol station and just as you're about to pay for your purchases, a car smashes through the convenience store plowing into you and sending you to the hospital. Or imagine enjoying bru...
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If You are a Gallery or Museum These Barriers Have Been Designed for You

Gallery is the latest addition to the Neata range. It is Australia's first dedicated pedestrian management system designed for galleries, museums and exhibition spaces. What inspired the creation of Neata Gallery ? ‚Äč Current barriers on the market today, including our own, are designed to be noticed for the purpose of directing pedestrian foot traf...
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What we have Learned About Safety From our own Overseas Travel Experiences

How other countries perceive employee and workplace safety will shock you!

In the last six years I have been lucky enough to break-up the long, cold Victorian winters by chasing the warm sun and new experiences in some relaxing overseas holidays.

I have traveled to Bali, Indonesia (twice) and Koh Samui, Thailand in that time.

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Problem Solved: Neat and Tidy Landscapes

At Barrier Group we take problem solving seriously - when others might be wiping their hands of your problems, we are just rolling up our sleeves.

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One Product, Many Uses

Barrier Group revolutionises their range by offering products with multiple uses such as our Q-Fence and Menni products.

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How to Improve Car Park Safety [infographic]

Barrier Group can help you control the movement of vehicles and ensure the safety of pedestrians in your car parks.

We provide a wide range of products and accessories for car parks in shopping centres, supermarkets, factories and institutions.

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