Rubber vs Polyethylene - Which Speed Hump is Better? [infographic]

Rubber vs Polyethylene - Which Speed Hump is Better? [infographic]

Take a closer look at the comparison of materials when they are constructed into two of Barrier Group's popular speed humps.

When it comes to choosing a speed hump we understand that construction, performance rating and traffic suitability (and also, price) are key influences in your decision.


Compared to steel speed humps, rubber and polyethylene models are quite popular choices for their economical pricing.

When compared to one another there are some differences that make choosing a speed hump for your particular needs quite easy.

Economy rubber has a strong construction and complies to AS/NZ 2890.1:2004. Suitable for medium duty applications and ideal for constant light duty vehicle traffic, such as low volume car and some truck traffic. They are quiet and perfect for installations into residential areas.

Slow-motion compliance is manufactured from Linear Low Density Polyethylene which guarantees that this speed hump has a stronger construction, is more resistant to Australian conditions, can withstand a high volume of light or heavy duty traffic and is better for the environment when compared to recycled and natural rubber materials.


 Do you have a project coming up that requires speed humps or other traffic moderators?

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