NoWeld Modular DDA Handrail

NoWeld modular DDA handrail system supports accessibility

NoWeld is a strong, versatile, and easy-to-install modular handrail system. With a wide variety of attachable components, NoWeld offers multi-directional runs, straight runs, 90° corners, end posts, and removable posts. NoWeld also has a variety of angled fixture components designed for use on ramps and staircases.

NoWeld 48mm O.D. (40NB) handrail is sold in various lengths. When smaller sections of railing are required, simply cut down to size.

No welding means no 'hot permits' or excessive equipment is required at the time of installation. No threading or bolting means no special tools or skills are required to install.

The NoWeld modular handrail system is solid and reliable, with sturdy mounting options. It complies with Australian Standards for Access and Mobility Handrail (AS 1428.1:2021) and helps meet DDA and NCC compliance.