Portable Trolley Ramp PTR1

Portable Ramp for Trolley and Wheelchair Access

Barrier Group’s Portable Ramp for Trolley and Wheelchair Access is an ideal solution for those seeking a lightweight and portable ramp for use on kerbs and steps.

The ramp's dimensions are 680mm overall width, 600mm internal width (between rails), and 700mm long, with a total weight of just 4.2kgs. It's easy to carry in a van or car, making it a convenient solution for on-the-go access needs. Moulded-in carry handles at both ends provide an additional convenience.

Our Portable Ramp for Trolley and Wheelchair Access is injection-moulded from strong and durable plastic. This material is built to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring that the ramp will last for years to come. The design of the ramp provides a safe and secure access point, allowing trolleys and wheelchairs to navigate kerbs and steps with ease.

The ramp is wide enough to accommodate most wheelchairs, but it's essential to check the required width for your wheelchair before purchasing. Our Portable Ramp for Trolley and Wheelchair Access provides a safe and cost-effective solution for those seeking an accessible pathway. Widely used as warehouse trolley ramps and factory floor trolley ramps in industrial workplaces, the ramps allow workers to navigate raised levels with ease.

With this ramp, you can avoid lifting heavily laden trolleys over kerbs and steps, reducing the risk of injury, and making work more manageable. The ramp's lightweight and portable design make it a perfect solution for a wide range of applications, including home, work, and public places.

Portable Trolley Ramp’s are an excellent investment for those seeking an accessible and cost-effective solution for trolleys and wheelchairs to gain access over kerbs and steps. Its lightweight, durable design, and injection-moulded construction make it a long-lasting and practical solution for various applications and make accessibility a reality.

  • Portable Trolley Ramp PTR1

    Portable Trolley Ramp PTR1
    Code Image Product Name Stock Level
    Portable Trolley Ramp 600mm - Yellow

  • Description: Portable trolley ramp
    Material: Injection moulded durable plastic
    Finish: Yellow
    Size: 680mm overall width, 600mm internal width (between rails) x 700mm long
    Weight: 4.2kgs
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