Safety Third: You Can’t Sleep Here

Today's Safety Third photo demonstrates that people will go to great lengths to get in a little shut-eye.

Even when on the job. In the middle of the road. On a highway.

At least he has the traffic cones to save him, right? No.

From a safety perspective there is obviously so many things wrong with this picture.

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Safety Third: What Could Go Wrong?

Keep a lookout for our recurring feature:

We will be showcasing images from around the web that are sometimes dangerous, risque, funny or downright incredulous and definitely NOT safe.

If we think it has a safety message, we are sure you will see it too.

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It’s Time to get Serious About Forklift & Pedestrian Safety – The Hierarchy of Hazard Control

Workplaces need to go beyond drawing lines on the ground, and physically separate people from forklift operations. This needs to be achieved either by scheduling forklift operations at distinct times so that no people are in the vicinity at the time, or by installing physical barriers or providing exclusion zones in areas where forklifts operate." – WorkSafe Victoria

We've all watched the ads on TV, seen it on the news, listened to it on the radio or read an article in the newspaper about a workplace incident involving a forklift that has caused serious injury or death to an individual.

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What are Bollards? What Bollards Do I Need? [infographic]

Barrier Group specialise in a massive range of bollards to suit any safety, security or architectural setting in your city, business, facility or warehouse.

In the past, bollards were primarily used at docks and marinas to moor boats when not in use but over the years the bollard has evolved to provide security, protection and architectural appearance.

Barrier Group manufactured their very first bollard (the Cam-Lok) in 1999 and over the years have perfected the quality, strength and purpose of their bollards to an increasing range of styles and options that suit any safety, security or architectural design element in your city, business, facility or warehouse.

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10 Key Points for a Safe Traffic Management Plan

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The Most Incredible Designer Architectural Products

The Studio Range by Barrier Group showcases a select range of products that have been designed specifically for the high end architectural market are manufactured in Australia to demanding standards.

Zephyr Bike Storage

In a busy city Zephyr is a stunning short or long term bicycle storage solution. Incorporate it into a cutting edge architectural setting and it becomes a sculptured bollard, a classic design element. In the town square or park, it is a gathering point, a place to stop, to chat, to bide a while with friends. Or then again, is it simply a beautiful piece of public sculpture, one that invites you to run your hands over its sumptuous metallic form, its smooth and generous curves?

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