An Effective Traffic Control System for Schools

Barrier Group's Q-Fence used as an effective traffic control system has shown versatility in solving one of every school's nightmares - the dreaded "Drop-off" and "Pick-up" zones!

The solution was easy.

An area was set aside within the school's grounds where car arrival and departure could occur.

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Is Queuing Brewing as an Issue for Your Business?

Is pedestrian traffic vexing you? Take control of your business environment!

Neata is a neater solution to pedestrian queue control at airports, banks, universities (open and enrolment days), cinemas, pubs (meal times and bar traffic), sporting stadiums and venues, concert halls, schools (vaccination days and open days), canteens, ticketing offices, court houses, parliament houses, museums, art galleries (blockbuster shows), libraries...wherever people gather to be served or need to be managed.

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The Benefits of Recycling Old Tyres Can be a Load of Rubbish!

Local Geelong Company, Barrier Group, gets RMIT University’s Tick of Approval for the “Green Alternative” to rubber wheel stops – the Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop.

A recent four month Life Cycle Assessment undertaken by RMIT University for Barrier Group (a Geelong Company) has shown the clear advantage of this product compared with wheel stops made from recycled rubber.  The Compliance One Piece Wheel Stop is an innovation of Barrier Group – a Geelong manufacturing company with its own dedicated and active research department.

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